Walking through a dark, lush forest.

My collection of notes and studies of the fantasy world Eldergrove.

My ongoing experiment here is to use a “ChatDM” to help co-create, detail, and even play in a Dungeons & Dragons 5e world. A “ChatDM” us using various generative AI things like ChatGPT and Midjourney. In my early use of this method I’ve had lots of fun working with a co-author, player, and also DM. I want to both develop the world and characters we’ve come up with, and also study and learn the techniques of this method. For videos, hopefully soon, see the YouTube channel.

Your pal, Coté


I’ve been using two guides to what I’m doing (1) use the time I have to work on this project without stalling out by getting overwhelmed, and to do that, (2) letting the ChatGM do most of the work, which means accepting its flaws and sometimes arch and obvious writing. My assumption is that (1) is the bigger problem, and that despite any poor output from 2, my imagination can correct it as I use it.

This results in some cliche tropes and the occasional eye-rolling camp. But, I hope, it’s better than resulting in nothing.

Another goal for the output is to get concise, but descriptive enough output that I can feed it back into new ChatGPT sessions. The AI’s memory fades quickly for the long-playing needs of a D&D campaign, so you have to remind it from time to time. Hopefully, this also means that you - someone else - can feed them into your chats as well.


As on August, 2023, I’m figuring out how to do this blog itself. Here’s my thinking so far:

I will keep notes about how all this works and what’s going on in the Builder’s Notebook. The ongoing material a real person would use is in the Elderwood Guidebook. And logs of stories and adventures will be in the Chronicles.

I post some Eldergrove things to tumblr as well.

Coté @cote